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"Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one."
-Stella Adler

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I'm NiNi, the lead vocalist of CORVO, and this is my personal blog [obviously, I'm an open book]!

I write a little bit about the band here, but mostly about personal and silly stuff. Although I don't blog about myself on the band's page, I don't mind if fans stumble upon this site and read it [if it's truly personal, it doesn't show up here].

The Flickr photo stream and the LastFM music feed drops many hints concerning the band's progress. Singing for CORVO and making art is my life's passion.

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20 October 2006
Spooooky Art Contest and Gallery
Thanks to Brandelion, I've decided to participate in Penelope Illustration's Black & Orange Creative Halloween Contest & Gallery.

I'm admittedly not a very good graphic artist, but I didn't enter it to win; I just enjoyed browsing through the gallery so much, I felt inspired to try something.

My entry is based on the "Fantomatique" video, and I'm personally happy with it. I've named it "Necronomicon."

If you want to become absolutely amazed and delighted with cute to artsy to disturbing Halloween art in a black and orange palette, browse through the artist gallery and enjoy! [Sneffnee will love it because orange is one of her favorite colors].

One of my personal favorites [and I swear, it's without bias] is Bran's submission, which is on Page 2. It's the one that says "A Flower For My True Love Lost at Sea" - 3rd row down, 3rd thumbnail from the left. I also love the very first Nosferatu image on page 1. I love so many of them, I'll be browsing through this gallery often well after Halloween has ended.

Feel free to point out your favorites in my comments, here!

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