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I'm NiNi, the lead vocalist of CORVO, and this is my personal blog [obviously, I'm an open book]!

I write a little bit about the band here, but mostly about personal and silly stuff. Although I don't blog about myself on the band's page, I don't mind if fans stumble upon this site and read it [if it's truly personal, it doesn't show up here].

The Flickr photo stream and the LastFM music feed drops many hints concerning the band's progress. Singing for CORVO and making art is my life's passion.

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07 October 2005

For Shame


Found this irresistable meme over at Sussy's Web and had to indulge. I'd love to know yours...let me know if you post them on your blogs.

My Top 5 6 [Technically] 5 Most Shameful Crushes

Oh my Gods, it's the BEE GEES!
1. The Bee Gees. Yes, I had this exact poster on my wall. Man, babysitters and their taste in pop culture are waaay too influencial on little grade school girls. I had a crush on Barry.

I wished I was Babs with Barry
This photo of him and Barbara Streisand? Do you know how many times I'd imagined I was her in it? He will remain the only bearded man that ever made me swoon. Well...okay, Barry Gibb and Jesus...which...leads me to crush #2.

2. Yes, I had a crush on Jesus. The mini-series JESUS OF NAZARETH [Franco Zeffirelli] made me want to marry Jesus. And I remember praying so fervently in Catholic grade school, because I'd wanted so badly for Jesus to appear to me. But make no mistake about it, it wasn't because I wanted him to save me, it was because I wanted him to propose to me! I mean, Christ, look at him! No really, Christ: look at him.

NiNi and Jesus, Sittin' in a....oh, nevermind.

3. there is no three.

4. Steve Perry.

Steve Perry was DREAMY to me!
My babysitter [recurring blame, here] introduced me to Journey, and I fell in love. Steve was the first "rock star" I'd ever had a crush on. I didn't even see his huge nose...honestly, it wouldn't have mattered because it was his voice that made me swoon. Oh yeah...he was the first celebrity I'd ever written fan mail to.

5. Marty Jannetty of the Midnight Rockers.

I thought he was my boyfriend!

Okay, you have to understand. This is a little-known fact about me. I was a wrestling cheerleader in high school. Whenever a professional wrestling show ever came to town, a lot of us - cheerleaders and wrestlers - would all go for fun. My best friend at the time had a HUUUUUUGE crush on Shawn Michaels - who is still wrestling for the WWE, I believe.

Anyway, back then, he was one of the Midnight Rockers, along with Marty. So in hopes of getting an autograph, my friend DRAGGED me down to the basement/bathroom area of the high school, where the wrestlers would tend to be seen once they were done wrestling [this was near the gym locker rooms]. Of course, many, many teenage girls would gravitate towards this area. Forget about the actual wrestling matches, they [soon to be "we"] all wanted to see the wrestlers!

That first match, I wasn't really "into" it the way my friend was. My little brother was waaay into it, so it was sort of a "moral support for my friend/babysitting my little brother" type of event in my mind. We get downstairs, and I head to the bathroom while she stands in the lobby area among the swooning, waiting masses. -I thought it was cheezy as hell.

I come out of the bathroom, and see both Marty and Shawn standing there. "Oh good, she'll get her autograph and we can get the hell out of here," I'm thinking to myself. Minding my own business, suddenly, an arm is around me. A huge arm. I look up to meet the huge blue eyes of Marty. Why did he seek me out? Probably cuz I didn't give two shits about them. What ended up happening? I melt. I start grinning like the teenager I am, and he starts pretending I'm his "girlfriend." Relentless flirt. Really very good, now that I look back on it. What ultimately happens? I become "The Midnight Rockers' Bitch!" No, make that "Marty of the Midnight Rockers' bitch!"

For one whole year, my friend and my little brother and I would go to EVERY local wrestling event that involved the Midnight Rockers. And Marty would totally remember me, and actually seek me out and hang out with us when they were done with a match. One time, he even grabbed my hand and had me go with him out to the wring. - You cannot imagine how that felt. Of course, I was totally delusional. I gave him my phone number...thought he loved me. Heh. And now the smarter and the wiser me knows he had one of "me" in every town. Heh!

He did kiss me once, but he never did anything that could have gotten him arrested. I mean, I was 16, he was 23. Hardly a "Lolita" situation, but still...um...damn! I actually regret losing the photo that I had of him with his arm around me.

And of course, 15+ years later, my babysitters - three sisters who babysat for us during those years - tease me RELENTLESSLY about my "boyfriend" Marty Jannetty. HAHAHAHAHA! As a matter of fact, one time "the babysitters" were visiting my parents' house not too long ago, and everyone was drunk. My mom calls up, "Hey Jeannine, wish you were here! Your babysitters are here and we're having a great time." What do I hear in the background? One of them yelling, "Hey Jeannine, how's your boyfriend Marty Jannetty?" *Eruptions of laughter in the background* SOOO embarrassing. I know, you all are in awe of me now. If you weren't before, you most certainly are now.

6. John Stamos.

John Stamos will always have a place in my heart.
And guess what? I STILL think he's freakin' ADORABLE. But I'll never admit it openly...but you have to admit, his mullet was hoooooot. And he was the best thing about the show "Full House." Mmmm-hmmm.

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Happy Fried-Egg!


Prepare for a random this-n-that kind of post!

Halloween TV

My initial ideas have been presented to my department's Senior V.P. and he loved them so much, he's getting our national sales team on-board. - This is HUGE. I don't know that I could even describe how huge it is when your SVP feels that your ideas can make money. So...WOW. He also approved all of my copy - called it "very smart." Loves the overall "look" of everything that myself and the graphic designer came up with. So now my boss (V.P.) has deemed me the "Holiday Campaign" queen. She wants me to follow suit and create some great themes and schemes for Thanksgiving and Christmas! She told me I've found a "specialty" for myself. This is such a great feeling, it's difficult to even express!

Typically, everyone "up top" will crap all over creative campaigns when the producers turn them in. - Micro-manage it all and change it to death, until it's pretty much lost its spirit and its essence. I was prepared to deal with it if the Halloween campaign came back to me all torn up with revisions, but it really didn't happen that way at all! Huge surprise there. Wow, work is starting to get fun! And y'know what? I owe this newfound happiness to myself, and that feels even better than getting approvals from an SVP in LA. Had I not taken initiative - taken some risks - this creative "rush" wouldn't be happening at all. And guess what? It's already "paying itself forward." Other departments have been asked to help us out, and it's taking things away from "the norm" and making it fun for everyone. LOVE it when this happens!


This is another amazing thing that has taken off so fast, I don't know how to describe it in words....how about a kind of list of things that keep amazing me.

1. Have been helping people out with issues as diverse as "how to sing" to relationship advise to talking them out of suicide to giving advise on their writing. Beautiful, amazing people who just need somebody to look up to...and for that somebody to just be a "real" person.
2. Am judging a poetry contest, and my feedback has really encouraged an amazing group of poets to keep on writing and share their work with everyone in the forum. Again, "paying it forward."
4. Have been told we'd be "The most important band in Mexico" by a guy who is a MANAGER for events in the underground metal scene down there.
5. We're up to 800 friends on MySpace...but the most surprising thing is that I remember them all, I feel like I know them all, and I love them ALL. And these are people from all over the world...including RUSSIA. Yeah...
6. Have started to see us listed on people's "favorite bands" lists - right alongside Evanescence, NIN, Collide, Lacuna Coil, HIM and KMFDM. The feeling that I get from that is....truly and deeply humbling.

Honestly, the list could go on and on. It's hard to believe how truly scared I was to share my most creative self and my voice with the world...all I've gotten from it is a heart that's so full. Even when people don't like us, or give me negative feedback, it honestly doesn't matter, because for every one of them, we've got 100 that adore us. Remind me never to let fear get in the way again.

Now then...if I could just find a way to get some cash flow from Corvo so that I can leave the "day job" behind! But it isn't time for that yet. We don't even have a business account yet, or any of that jazz. Still researching all of that. The money will follow soon enough. What's most important is to make true connections for now...to stay honest and to keep moving forward, even if just with our own "Burkart funds" to invest with right now. At least I'm finding a way to retain a sense of self and happiness at the "day job." Oh, and Greg is LOVING his "day job," by the way!


His stitches are removed, and he is bouncing around in this cold weather like a sled-dog puppy. All is right with the world.


Finally gonna see Corpse Bride tomorrow! We're also recording our ballad (my vocals) this weekend. Oh, and Greg is writing another song! I have a feeling we'll be having a full-length album rather than just an EP to put out in the spring. Never thought it would happen, but the momentum is really pushing us forward...and actually more effortlessly than I'd ever dreamed.

Family - YOU

I've been cruising around the bloop this week, enjoying getting caught up with you all. When I'm not around the blog for awhile, it's because I'm using 100% of my online time for the band. It's almost like I go "on tour." Heh. But then when I'm able to "come home," I always love coming back "home" to you all. You're my FAMILY. And I love you all so very much, and think of you all so very often. I'm sorry that I'm not able to get to you every day, but I know that you understand. After all, you're the ones who always supported my dreams. Just know that I always miss you when I'm gone...and I will always find time to come back.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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