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"Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one."
-Stella Adler

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I'm NiNi, the lead vocalist of CORVO, and this is my personal blog [obviously, I'm an open book]!

I write a little bit about the band here, but mostly about personal and silly stuff. Although I don't blog about myself on the band's page, I don't mind if fans stumble upon this site and read it [if it's truly personal, it doesn't show up here].

The Flickr photo stream and the LastFM music feed drops many hints concerning the band's progress. Singing for CORVO and making art is my life's passion.

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27 January 2006
Support a Filibuster Against Judge Alito
:: Click Here to Sign the Petition ::

This is SO very important - please get the word out that this petition is available!

A Few More Words From Senator Kerry [i.e. MY President]:

If Judge Alito gets on the Supreme Court, it will be an incredible mistake for America. And remember, this is one mistake that we can never take back.

I voted against Justice Roberts, but I feel even more strongly about Judge Alito. Why? Rather than live up to the promise of "equal justice under the law," he has consistently made it harder for the most disadvantaged Americans to have their day in court. He routinely defers to excessive government power no matter how much government abuses that power. And, to this date, his only statement on record regarding a woman's right to privacy is that she doesn't have one.

There isn't a shred of doubt in my opposition to Judge Alito's nomination. I spent a lot of time over the last few years thinking about what kind of person deserves to sit on the highest court in the land, so I don't hesitate a minute in saying that Judge Alito is not that person. His entire legal career shows that, if confirmed, he will take America backward. People can say all they want that "elections have consequences." Trust me, I understand. But that doesn't mean we have to stay silent about Judge Alito's nomination.

President Bush had the opportunity to nominate someone who would unite the country in a time of extreme division. He chose not to do this, and that is his right. But we have every right -- in fact, we have a responsibility -- to fight against a radical ideological shift on the Supreme Court. This nomination was a sellout to the demands of the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. The president gave no thought to what the American people really wanted - or needed. So now that the president and Judge Alito have proven they won't stand up for the majority of Americans, we have to stand up. We have to speak out. That's the true meaning of "advice and consent."


John Kerry

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26 January 2006
Which Rock Chick I Am
Ooooh, I like this answer a LOT.

Which Rock Chick Are You?

Thanks, Bon!

Oh what the hell, I'm gonna take the other quiz too. It's morning coffee time...perfect for one more quiz.

The Moon Card
You are the Moon card. Entering the Moon we enter

the intuitive and psychic realms. This is the

stuff dreams are made on. And like dreams the

imagery we find here may inspire us or

torment us. Understanding the moon requires

looking within. Our own bodily rhythms are

echoed in this luminary that circles the

earth every month and reflects the sun in its

progress. Listening to those rhythms may

produce visions and lead you towards insight.

The Moon is a force that has legends attached

to it. It carries with it both romance and

insanity. Moonlight reveals itself as an

illusion and it is only those willing to work

with the force of dreams that are able to

withstand this reflective light. Image from:

Stevee Postman. http://www.stevee.com/

Which Tarot Card Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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My 5 Weirdest Habits
Yay, Nina tagged me! I love being meme-tagged!

Okay now, only two of these are what I would consider weird "habits," meaning that it's something that I do subconsciously and regularly without realizing it, and it's something that somebody else brought to my attention. The rest are just weird quirks or preferences. G helped me with one of the weird habits, and we've both been cracking up ever since we talked about it last night!

Here we go:
1. [This is the weird habit G told me about]. When I brush my teeth, rather than drink water from a cup to rinse out my mouth, I take my toothbrush, hold it under the faucet, then "slurp" the water from my toothbrush several times to rinse. In G's exact words, "It's as if your toothbrush is a spoon and the water faucet is a delicious bowl of soup, and you're slurping the soup." So now all night and all morning, we've been going, "*Slurp, slurp, slurp* - 'that's good soup!'"

2. I chew ice cream. - This was pointed out to me by my little brother back when we were kids, and I still to this day do it!

3. I sing in a really silly, squeaky voice to my pets and wind up creating special theme songs specific to each pet. Two examples:
3a.My recurring song for MacReady: "He is my Pooky bear...he has the reddest hair... he is so very fair...he wears no underwear...he is my pooo-oooo-oooo-kee bear!"
3b. My "theme song" for Sprite: "Kitty with the white bell-ee! She's my kitty with the white bell-ee! Kitty with the white, kitty with the white, kitty with the white bell-eee!"

4. If I'm really really really scared to watch a movie [like The Exorcist or The Devil's Rejects], I watch the "making of" extras before I watch the movie itself, because it helps me remember that "it's only a movie."

5. I rub Vicks on my nose every night before bed, and every time I'm going to be singing for long periods of time. Whether I have a cold or not, I use Vicks constantly. I'm sure that when I move to a less allergy-ridden state, this habit will change...or will it?

Now then, I tag...Bonnie, Toshya, Cory, Sneffnee and C.C.! [Nina beat me to tagging Nico]!

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25 January 2006
Attack of the 500 pixel emoticon!
Oh my Goddess. I posted this teeny-tiny little emoticon to wish a new fan "hello" on mySpace and...BAM! She blew up into a HUGE emoticon! G and I laughed our asses off - I was actually in tears. I love how her fangs look when she's trying to take over the world. "HOW ARE YA?!!!!"

To REALLY appreciate this, you have to view it full size!

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23 January 2006
Goddess Rock: An Interview with NiNi Burkart

My very first "public" interview! It's at Phenomena Magazine's Website, in the "Into the Fringe" category. You may even learn some things about me that you haven't known before...let me know your thoughts!

[Click Here to Read "Goddess Rock: An Interview With NiNi Burkart"]

PS - I also made [today's front page at the website]!

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