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"Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one."
-Stella Adler

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I'm NiNi, the lead vocalist of CORVO, and this is my personal blog [obviously, I'm an open book]!

I write a little bit about the band here, but mostly about personal and silly stuff. Although I don't blog about myself on the band's page, I don't mind if fans stumble upon this site and read it [if it's truly personal, it doesn't show up here].

The Flickr photo stream and the LastFM music feed drops many hints concerning the band's progress. Singing for CORVO and making art is my life's passion.

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21 January 2006
Our CD is On Sale Now!


Described as "so scary it's beautiful" and "sexy as hell," Corvo's signature sound is a macabre mix of aggressive, avant-garde electronics, horror film-inspired organ and piano, and powerful, passionate female vocals.

Buy the CD

EEEEPS! This is so exciting. Okay, I'm just going to re-post what I wrote over at the Corvo Blog.


Hello My DarkWings!

Damn, it's always tough taking down songs that have a nice amount of plays listed next to them [*sniff - single tear*].

To celebrate the release of our CD, TERROREYES, we've uploaded the remastered songs to the MySpace player. Keep in mind, they're never going to sound nearly as good as the CD itself, since mySpace only allows itty-bitty file sizes to be uploaded.

TERROREYES: The Demos - The Inside Scoop

Honestly, we had originally planned on just sending this CD out as our official demo to the media, labels and all that jazz. But we've been getting enough requests from you all, that we've decided to make it for sale as well. We'd like to give it away for free to everyone, but we'd go absolutely broke. We will have contests over the coming months, so opportunities to win free CDs will be available.

The CDs are autographed, and limited release. Both "Zann" and "Fantomatique" will not be found on any future releases [unless we end up on some label that wants us to totally re-do the songs from the ground up, but even if that happened, they'd be very different than these originals]. We wanted more than anything to have something for you to enjoy while we work on the full-length album, which we're planning to release this fall.

So enjoy the freebies here in the mySpace player, and if you love a good collector's item with autographs from bands that are about to take over the world, then...TERROREYES is for you! [Hee hee].


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20 January 2006
Fantomatique Hits Number 1!

Originally uploaded by Nini_Burkart.

[Trying the "blog this" feature from my flickr account].

We've hit NUMBER ONE in Industrial on Garageband.com! - This will look mighty fine in the press kit, eh?

By the way, our CD is going to be on sale THIS WEEKEND! The "official" announcement will be posted here soon, and of course, ways to purchase the music will always be readily accessible on my sidebar.

Happy Friday, everyone!

[PS - I like the flickr upload feature waaay better than Blogger's. Flickr rawks].

M O O D:

w o w e e e ! ! !

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17 January 2006
I'm Tagging Myself: FOUR
Snagged from the BonBlog!

Four jobs you've had in your life:
[I'll list my 4 favorite jobs].

-Movie Theater Ticket Girl and "Concessionist"
-Coffee shop/gourmet foods store sales associate
-Ticket Checker at Sun Valley Ski Resort
-On-Air Promotions Manager at a FOX/UPN Affiliate

Four movies you could watch over and over:
[Oooh, it will be tough to pick just four].

-Better Off Dead
-Sixteen Candles
-The Breakfast Club
-The Lost Boys

[Notice how very, very '80s this list is]?

Four places you've lived:


Four TV shows you love to watch:
[As did Bonnie, I'll pick current ones only].

-Masters of Horror
-Battlestar Galactica
-Desperate Housewives

Four places you've been on vacation:
[I'll list my favorite places].

-Vienna, Austria
-Salem, MA
-New Orleans, LA
-San Francisco, CA

Four websites you visit daily:

-The Gothic Beauty Forums
-The Huffington Post
-CD Baby.org

Four of your favorite foods:

-Gourmet Cheeses

Four places you'd rather be:

-Living in a cool city
-Working for "Me, Inc." rather than for a huge corporation
-Drinking wine with my family by their legendary bonfire
-Traveling the world for my music

Four albums you can't live without:
[Another one that's impossible to narrow down to four].

-Loreena McKennitt: Live at Toronto and Paris
-Roxy Music: Avalon
-Opeth: Ghost Reveries
-Mozart's Requiem

Four magazines you read:

-Gothic Beauty

Four cars you've owned:

-A shitty brown, beat up Ford Fairlaine
-A teal green Ford Escort
-A Nissan Pathfinder
-My current '69 VW Beetle [which I need to sell]!

Four people to do this meme:

I want to see this meme on the blogs of Sneffnee, Toshya, Cory and Nina!

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Whew! Got NO sleep last night - not a WINK. But I'm not really crabby or anything today, just a bit out of it.

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes? Any Golden Globes comments, make 'em here! I'm going to look at some fashion galleries today...I am a total fashion whoore afterall.

Masters of Horror

My absolute favorite, favorite, favorite episode now is "Fair-Haired Child." I was not expecting to like it, because it was directed by the guy who's done all of the shitty Dark Castle movies [13 Ghosts, House on Haunted Hill, Ghost Ship, House of Wax]. I mean, don't get me wrong, those movies were fun in a "blockbuster" sort of way [although I have not seen House of Wax], but far from brilliant or ground-breaking.

Well..."Fair-Haired Child" totally proved that William Malone can direct an amazing horror film if only the board rooms would just let him do his thing. Good scripts are all he needs, and he could rise among the ranks of the Horror Masters we've all grown to adore [Dario Argento, George Romero, John Carpenter, Etc.].

Battlestar Galactica

Oh My GODS. Each season gets better and better. I really hate it that this show gets overlooked for major awards. It's that whole predjudice against Science Fiction, I know. This show is not just a nerdy Sci-Fi show; it's got some of the best acting, writing, directing, editing and music that I've ever seen in a TV series. Ever. SO addicted to that show!

M O O D:

E h.

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15 January 2006
It's Been a Good Weekend
Got my haircut on Friday...wasn't sure [at first] that I liked it, but now it's grown on me. Yes, there will be photos.

Figured out a new motto for my blog: Blog like nobody's reading! Maybe I'll be happier with blogging if I just live by that creed.

I bought a ridiculously expensive perfume yesterday and I absolutely love it: Prada. It smells SO sexy and earthy. It's going to be my "signature scent." I haven't had a "signature scent" since high school. Back then, it was the classic Liz Claiborne. - The perfume in the little triangle-shaped bottles. SO different from Prada - polar opposite of it.

Tonight: Going to Mom B's for dinner, doing a little house-cleaning, then watching Godzilla - the newest one, made by the guys who did Versus.

Tomorrow: We've got the work day off! Love that. Treating G to brunch at IHOP, doing some grocery shopping at Super Target, and then we'll be shutting ourselves inside to work on new music. Our CD is going to be on sale in less than two weeks. Eeeeep!

Quote of the moment:
"The family that plays together, stays together." - Morticia Addams

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